Liquidity Providers

The Rogue Protocol is a peer-to-peer system of smart contracts that connect counterparties to bets, guaranteeing payment to the winner according to provably-fair game results. Players are not betting against the Rogue Protocol, they are betting against the liquidity providers who deposit capital into our house bankroll smart contracts.

Players can bet with ROGUE, USDT or ARB tokens. Each betting currency has its own house bankroll, meaning that we have a ROGUE Bankroll, USDT Bankroll and ARB Bankroll that liquidity providers can deposit tokens into.

In return for adding liquidity and taking on all bets from players 24/7, liquidity providers in the USDT and ARB Bankrolls earn 33% of all fees on winnings (1% of 3%).

There are no fees on winning ROGUE bets so liquidity providers in the ROGUE Bankroll don't earn any fees. For this reason, you can stake your ROGUEPOOL tokens into a staking smart contract to earn 0.5% of winning USDT & ARB bets, thereby encouraging liquidity providers to deposit their ROGUE tokens into the ROGUE house bankroll.

Our house bankrolls are non-custodial and trustless, meaning that liquidity providers retain full control of their deposited liquidity and can withdraw some or all of their available funds at any time without notice.

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