Rogue Trader

Rogue Trader is a fast-paced binary options betting game where you are trading on a volatile index that is powered by our provably-fair random number generator, where every price update of the index is an immutable on-chain transaction. Self-custodial and trustless, players bet that the index will go up or down in the time period of their choosing, from the next 2 seconds to the next 24 hours or anywhere in between.

If the index goes in the direction you selected over the time period of your bet then you double your stake. If your bet loses then you lose your entire stake. When betting with ROGUE tokens you pay zero fees on your winnings, making Rogue Trader literally the fairest game of chance in the world with no house edge working against you.

When you bet with USDT or ARB tokens you pay a small 3% fee on every winning bet which is distributed instantly and trustlessly to the liquidity providers, chain validators, ROGUE stakers, affiliates and game developers who power the game.

Whilst playing you retain possession of your wallet balance at all times in your own Web3 wallet. You can connect your own hardware wallet via Metamask or you can set up a new wallet with just an email address.

When you place a bet you send the stake in an on-chain transaction to the Rogue Trader smart contract which then passes it onto the house bankroll smart contract. If your bet wins you are paid out instantly in the same on-chain transaction that updates the Rogue Trader index price. It's impossible for Rogue to hold back your winnings at any time for any reason.

As a fully decentralized and trustless game its also possible to bypass the game UI on our website and place bets on the Rogue Trader index by interacting directly with the Rogue Trader smart contract through the Rogue Chain block explorer or programatically using open source software like ethers.js and Rogue Chain's public RPC endpoint.

For this reason it's impossible for us to prevent anyone from playing because your bets are on-chain transactions sent to a trustless smart contract on a public blockchain. So you'll never get banned for winning and you'll never be asked for identifying information or be blocked because of your location. We can't stop you from playing even if we wanted to.

Binary options are a wildly popular betting format throughout the world. But they've earned a bad reputation because most of the centralized binary options betting platforms are run by shady operators who don't pay out winners or who manipulate the settlement prices to make you lose or who steal your identity - or all three.

Rogue Trader fixes all of these problems. Our trustless smart contracts pay out winners automatically, making it impossible for us to hold back your winnings at any time for any reason. We also cannot influence the settlement price of your bet because every price update of the index is generated by our provably-fair RNG and then posted on-chain in an immutable transaction which then instantly triggers all payouts of all winning bets within that transaction. And we can't steal your identity because we never ask for it in the first place.

And if you figure out some winning system there's nothing we can do to stop you from betting because you can send transactions directly to the Rogue Trader smart contract through our block explorer or programmatically using Rogue Chain's public RPC endpoint.

And lastly, if you bet with ROGUE tokens there isn't even any house edge working against you - you'll be playing the fairest game of chance in the world.

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