Blockchain Betting

Gambling is one of the best use cases for blockchain technology. But most cryptocurrency casinos are still centralized platforms where you must deposit your tokens and hope that you can withdraw them later without any issues. Many also require KYC and actively geoblock many locations.

Decentralized casinos on mainstream chains solve the above problems but they in turn have other problems, such as very expensive gas fees on every bet ($0.35 to $0.75 per bet) that make it impossible to win, a confusing user experience for non crypto natives and games that are slow and boring.

Chains like Polygon also have the real possibility of a chain reorg that could cancel your winning bet up to a minute later, and the games are slow because betting must be closed and reopened in separate on-chain transactions to prevent corrupt miners from front-running on-chain game results and winning every bet.

Rogue Chain solves all these problems because it is custom-built for fast-paced gambling games whilst maintaining a fully self-custodial and trustless betting environment. Built using Arbitrum's battle tested Nitro stack, all bet transactions have near-instant time-to-finality, zero chance of a chain reorg and on-chain game results cannot be front-run by anyone because there is no mempool and the Sequencer processes all transactions instantly in the order they arrive.

Rogue Chain can efficiently process and pay out thousands of bets per second. On top of that, the average bet transaction costs one hundredth of a cent, meaning that players of any size can enjoy our games and still have a realistic chance of winning without being killed by gas fees.

Such cheap gas fees also make it viable for us to create fast-paced games like Rogue Trader that post 30 on-chain game result transactions per minute, creating a user experience unlike other decentralized casinos who must minimize such on-chain transactions to reduce costs. Cheap gas fees also allow us to send your winning payouts to your wallet instantly instead of requiring you to claim your winnings in a separate transaction to save on gas costs.

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