Rogue Chain

Rogue Chain is our lightning-fast blockchain custom-built for fast-paced gambling games that require high throughput and ultra-low gas costs.

Built using Arbitrum's battle-tested Nitro stack, Rogue Chain is an EVM compatible layer 3 chain with instant time-to-finality on all bet transactions. With no chance of bets being cancelled out by chain reorgs, we can settle and pay out winning bets instantly to your Web3 wallet.

Instead of a mempool, Rogue Chain uses a sequencer that processes transactions instantly in the order they are received, making it impossible for anyone to front-run game results as we post them on-chain. This allows us to develop fast moving games where we don't have to continually close and reopen betting while settling bets.

By using AnyTrust technology, Rogue Chain stores the rollup data of our transactions offline and only post a small hash that links to that data onto the parent chain. This is instead of posting a full rollup of all our transaction data onto the parent chain every hour which can be very expensive. Independent validator nodes still have full access to all our transaction data and can still verify every transaction as valid, but our layer 2 gas costs are drastically reduced, meaning the average bet transaction on Rogue Chain costs just one hundredth of a cent.

Such low gas fees and the ability to process and pay out thousands of bets per second allow us to create fast moving games like Rogue Trader that require up to 30 on-chain price updates per minute whilst paying out every winning bet instantly.

The Rogue Chain Testnet is live now and processing over 250,000 bet transactions per day from our Rogue Trader game.

Rogue Chain's native gas token is the ROGUE token, meaning that all transaction fees are payable in ROGUE. Gas fees are shared with the validator nodes in return for them securing the network by independently verifying the validity of every transaction.

Click here to view Rogue Chain Testnet block explorer

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