Fees on Winnings

There is no house edge built into any of our payout prices on the Rogue Trader game. You have an evens chance of picking a winner and if you win the payout is exactly double your stake.

When betting with ROGUE tokens you also don't pay any fees on your winning bet. This makes Rogue Trader literally the fairest game of chance in the world with absolutely no edge of any kind working against you. Your winning bets are paid out instantly to your Web3 wallet with no other deductions.

When betting with USDT or ARB tokens you pay a small 3% fee on all your winning bets. All winning bets are paid out instantly to your wallet, minus this fee.

The fee is split up and paid out instantly to the liquidity providers, node validators, ROGUEPOOL stakers, affiliates and game developers who power the protocol.

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