Ultra-Low Gas Fees

One of the key driving forces behind building our own custom blockchain was the ability to reduce gas fees significantly. There are currently many decentralized casinos running on mainstream chains but they are unuseable because the gas fees to place a bet are so high - typically between $0.35 to $0.75 per bet. This is like an extra house edge working you that makes it impossible to have any chance of winning, especially for smaller players.

Rogue Chain is a layer 3 blockchain that utilizes Arbitrum's AnyTrust technology, meaning that we keep most of our rollup data off-chain, only storing the hashes that represent the data onto the Arbitrum One parent chain. This is similar to how NFT images are stored off-chain on IPFS and only the unique link that points to that image is posted on-chain.

Our transaction data is still available and fully verifiable by any watchtower node. But posting only a small hash on-chain that points to our data instead of posting the complete rollup data of thousands of our transactions every hour significantly reduces our layer 2 gas costs, making it possible to drastically reduce our gas fees.

Currently it costs around one hundredth of a cent in gas fees to place a bet transaction on Rogue Chain. This makes our betting games accessible to all players, regardless of their bet size. It also opens up the possibility of us subsidizing players' gas costs from our fees on winnings by using Account Abstraction to completely eliminate gas fees from the betting experience.

Low gas fees also make it financially viable for us to create fast-paced games like Rogue Trader that post up to 30 game results per minute on-chain. It also allows us to pay out your winning bets to your wallet instantly in the same transaction that settled your bet instead of making you claim your winnings in a separate transaction so that we can save on gas fees.

All in all, lower gas fees equate to a better user experience, faster paced games and instant payouts.

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