Block Explorer

The Rogue Chain block explorer displays all activity on the chain as it happens in real time. Every transaction that takes place on Rogue Chain will immediately appear on the block explorer, including all the transaction details such as amount, gas cost, sending wallet, receiving wallet, time etc.

The block explorer also shows you the full activity of every active wallet on Rogue Chain, including all sent and received transactions and the current balance of that wallet.

You can also view the full activity of every smart contract that has been deployed onto Rogue Chain, as well as the complete source code. The block explorer allows you to verify what bets are being placed by what wallets and that they are all being paid out correctly and that the fees on winnings are also being distributed properly to the correct wallets.

You can also use the block explorer to bypass the website game UI and send bet transactions directly to the Rogue Trader smart contract if you wish to. Just connect your Metamask wallet to the block explorer and then use the placeBet functions on the Rogue Trader contract page.

Every settled and unsettled bet in the Active Bets and Closed Bets tabs of the Rogue Trader UI has a link to the block explorer that displays the on-chain transaction that created or settled that bet, along with the winning payout if it won.

The Leaderboard tab of the Rogue Trader UI has a link to the block explorer in every player's row so that you can view all betting transactions and winning payouts for that wallet and verify his balance.

The Verify Results tab of the Rogue Trader UI also displays links to the block explorer that show the transactions containing the updated price and serial number so you can verify that they match the price and serial number generated by and are therefore provably-fair.

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