Rogue Chain

Rogue Chain is the backbone on which everything is built. It's our lightning-fast blockchain custom-built for fast-paced gambling games with high throughput and ultra-low gas costs.

Built atop Arbitrum's battle-tested technology stack, Rogue Chain provides instant time-to-finality on all bet transactions without sacrificing the principles of decentralization and security. Capable of processing and paying out thousands of bets per second, the average bet transaction costs just one hundredth of a cent. The Rogue Chain Testnet is live now and processing over 250,000 bet transactions per day from our Rogue Trader game.

Rogue Chain's native gas token is the ROGUE token, meaning that all transaction fees are payable in ROGUE. Gas fees are shared with the validators who run watchtower nodes to secure the network.

Click here to view Rogue Chain Testnet block explorer

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