Ultra-Low Gas Fees

There are two main reasons why Rogue Chain can charge such low gas fees. Firstly, as an AnyTrust layer 3 chain we store our transaction data off-chain and only post a small hash that represents that data onto the parent chain. As opposed to being a full rollup layer 3 which posts the full rollup of all our transaction data onto the parent chain every hour which can get very expensive in gas fees. This significantly reduces our layer 2 gas costs.

Secondly, unlike other EVM chains that have a mempool, all transactions on Rogue Chain are processed instantly by the Sequencer in the order they arrive. So not only do we have very high throughput capabilities, but also users don't need to increase gas prices to compete for block space.

The current price per unit of gas is fixed at 0.000001 ROGUE (1000 Gwei). This means the average gas cost of placing a bet transaction is about 0.31 ROGUE.

There are several advantages to ultra-low gas fees, both for our players and for Rogue. Players of any size can enjoy betting on our games without being killed by high gas fees that make it impossible to win. And we can post game results on-chain every couple of seconds and pay out winning bets instantly without worrying about high gas costs making the game unviable.

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