ROGUE Gas Token

The native gas token of Rogue Chain is the ROGUE token (actually it's the bridged version of ROGUE that was bridged across from Arbitrum One). All transaction fees on Rogue Chain are paid in ROGUE tokens, making the token indispensable to the operation of the chain. Nothing happens on Rogue Chain without the ROGUE token.

The ROGUE Token Generation Event is planned for late summer 2024 when 9.2 billion tokens will be minted on the Arbitrum One chain. When Rogue Chain mainnet is launched, most ROGUE tokens will be bridged across to Rogue Chain where they will be needed for paying gas fees, staking to earn network rewards, governance of the Rogue DAO and for betting with zero fees on winnings.

Unlike other EVM chains that have a mempool, all transactions on Rogue Chain are processed instantly by the Sequencer in the order they arrive. This means that users don't need to increase gas prices to compete for block space. The current price per unit of gas is fixed at 0.000001 ROGUE (1000 Gwei). This means the average gas cost of placing a bet transaction is about 0.31 ROGUE.

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