Rogue DAO

One of the great promises of blockchain technology is the ability of a community to organize itself into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). The Rogue DAO will have complete control over the entire Rogue Protocol, including the blockchain, the token and the betting platform.

Rogue is therefore governed by the community for the benefit of the community. The more ROGUE tokens you hold, the more weight your vote carries when voting on proposals. Any member of the DAO can propose something and the community votes on it. Proposals can be about anything, from how to spend the DAO's treasury to what games to develop next or how best to attract game developers with certain grants or incentive programs or anything else you can think of.

Until the ROGUE Token Generation Event in late summer 2024 the Rogue DAO is still forming because until that date the governance token doesn't exist. After the TGE the Rogue DAO will officially form and create the on-chain voting portal where all holders of the ROGUE token can take an active role in steering the project.

Initially the voting portal will be deployed onto the Arbitrum One mainnet because ROGUE will be deployed natively onto that blockchain. But after Rogue Chain reaches mainnet the DAO voting portal will be moved over to the Rogue Chain where it will be governed by ROGUE tokens that have been bridged across from Arbitrum to Rogue Chain.

One of the core principles of the Rogue DAO will be to maintain and protect your right to interact freely with decentralized protocols and public blockchains - whoever you are and wherever you may live. We are a fully inclusive community where anyone is welcome.

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