Email-Only Signup

Decentralized betting requires the player to have a cryptocurrency wallet that he connects to the platform in order to send bet transactions to the blockchain. This is fine for crypto natives and we continue to let them connect their crypto wallets to the Rogue platform via Metamask. But it's a major point of friction for people who aren't familiar with blockchains and cryptocurrency.

Therefore we have integrated into the Rogue platform. This allows new users who may not have a cryptocurrency wallet to sign up quickly and easily with just an email address. Magic then creates a fully functional and self-custodial Web3 wallet on the user's computer which they can use to interact with Rogue Chain.

Unlike hardware wallets, this Magic wallet does not require the user to confirm every step of every transaction when placing a bet. This reduces the amount of time and the number of clicks needed to place a bet and gives the user a more streamlined and intuitive experience that more resembles the centralized betting experience they may be used to.

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