Instant Payouts

Instant payouts of winning bets don't exist in online gambling. If you're on a centralized platform it may look like they payout instantly but in fact they still have full custody of your entire betting balance which you may or may not get back, so they haven't paid out anything.

And decentralized casinos need to save on gas fees so they make you claim your winnings in a separate transaction so that you pay the gas costs. This is an inconvenience that takes you away from the betting and means that your winnings are not immediately available to bet with and are not in your custody.

On Rogue we pay out all your winning bets instantly in the same transaction that settled your bet, directly to your Web3 wallet where it is immediately available to bet with and in your custody. Our trustless bankroll smart contracts hold your bet for the minimum possible amount of time before sending your winnings right back out to you if you win.

This is made possible partly because Rogue Chain has such high throughput and it can process and pay out thousands of bets per second. It's also made possible by our ultra-low gas fees that mean we don't have to worry about the extra gas cost of initiating a token transfer transaction to your wallet.

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