Be The House

One of the great strengths of the Rogue Protocol is that game results are provably-fair, making it impossible for us to manipulate game results to make you lose. But another great strength is that we don't even have any incentive to try and cheat because you're not betting against us. We don't care if you win or lose because our bankroll smart contracts are funded by liquidity providers who act as the house in order to earn 1% of all winning bets.

The Rogue Protocol is actually a peer-to-peer betting system where we connect counterparties and guarantee correct and instant payouts of winning bets via our trustless smart contracts. This creates a huge earning opportunity for DeFi enthusiasts who may not be interested in gambling but who are interested in earning a steady and reliable income by acting as the house and taking all bets 24/7.

And just like the Rogue Protocol is self-custodial and trustless for our players, so it is also for our liquidity providers. Our house bankrolls are liquidity pool smart contracts very similar to how Uniswap pools work. When you add liquidity into a house bankroll, you receive in return a number of newly minted pool tokens that represent your exact share of the bankroll balance at the time you deposited your liquidity.

These pool tokens are held by you in your own wallet and you can withdraw some or all of your liquidity at any time simply by depositing these pool tokens back into the house bankroll smart contract where they are immediately burned. Whatever percentage of the total supply of pool tokens you deposit is the percentage of the house bankroll balance you will receive, all in the same trustless transaction.

As players place bets and lose money, the total balance of the house bankroll smart contract will increase. Your pool tokens represent a share of that balance so therefore your pool tokens increase in value as players lose money because they represent a share of an ever increasing balance of tokens. If players are winning money then the value of your pool tokens will decrease because they represent a diminishing balance.

But when you are the house the edge is always on your side. Over a long enough period of time the 1% of each winning bet that is awarded to the liquidity providers will ensure that the players will eventually lose and the house will win. Some players will get lucky and win but as an overall group the players will inevitably lose money over time.

You can see the real-time performance of our house bankrolls over various time periods during our current closed testnet period at the following links:

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