Stake ROGUEPOOL To Earn Rewards

Staking rewards on Rogue are designed to incentivize liquidity providers to deposit ROGUE tokens into the ROGUE house bankroll. Such incentives are needed because there are zero fees on winnings when betting with ROGUE tokens, meaning there's no house edge working in the liquidity providers' favor.

Therefore, our staking program will pay out 0.5% of every winning USDT & ARB bet to people who stake ROGUEPOOL tokens into our trustless staking smart contract. ROGUEPOOL is the pool token of the ROGUE house bankroll, meaning that in order to earn staking rewards you must first deposit your ROGUE tokens into the ROGUE house bankroll to get back the pool tokens that you will then stake into the staking smart contract.

This encourages ROGUE holders to deposit their tokens into the ROGUE house bankroll, thereby increasing ROGUE's utility as a zero-fee betting token. In effect, the USDT and ARB betting is being used to subsidize zero-fee betting with ROGUE tokens, thus creating the fairest game of chance in the world.

In the current closed testnet, 1% of winning bets are automatically paid to the network rewards wallet for the purpose of rewarding validators and stakers.

Click here to see the live payments of 1% of every winning bet being paid into the network rewards wallet in real-time

You can see the network rewards wallet balance has earned over $1,500,000 in rewards since March 24th 2024 which would be shared in real time with the validators and stakers.

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