Buy NFT Validator Node License

To be a validator on Rogue Chain you must buy a node license NFT. As a validator you will help to secure the network by verifying transactions, earning network rewards for doing so.

We will issue a maximum supply of 200 NFT validator node licenses. All 104 Digitex High Rollers NFT owners will automatically receive one of these validator node license NFTs, meaning we only have 96 validator node NFT licenses to sell.

In the current closed testnet, 1% of winning bets are automatically paid to the network rewards wallet for the purpose of rewarding validators and stakers.

Click here to see the live payments of 1% of every winning bet being paid into the network rewards wallet in real-time

You can see the network rewards wallet balance has earned over $1,500,000 in rewards since March 24th 2024 which would be shared in real time with the validators and stakers.

We will have more specific information on how to run a Rogue Chain validator node shortly. First we must learn more about BOLD, a new challenge resolution protocol for Arbitrum chains that enables permissionless validation by mitigating delay attacks by malicious validators.

BOLD recently entered a testnet phase and as we learn more we will develop clearer specs for our validator program.

Currently, permissionless validation is not possible but BOLD aims to fix that and Rogue Chain's planned mainnet launch in Q1 2025 looks like perfect timing for when BOLD is ready for production.

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